Some upsetting news

So. On Tuesday the DNA results came back for Will’s paternity. The man who we thought was his birth father is not his father. We are all in shock. We have bonded with this guy and his family. His mother stitched a quilt for Will to hang in his room. We gave Will his middle name. He and all his family are all just devastated. And angry. He has been through so much!  He bonded with us and with Will. It is heartbreaking news.

As for the adoption, this means that everything will be put on hold for awhile until “reasonable efforts” are used to find who the actual birth father is. That means trying to get accurate information from birth Mom, searching him out as best we can and perhaps publishing a legal notice in the local paper. We do not think that there will be any problems with the adoption going through, although there is the slim possibility that whoever this guy is will be found and he will want to (and have the ability to) parent Will. We are trying not to worry about that, but the fear is definitely hard to erase from our minds. Still, we are attempting to stay positive and look forward to the new finalization date sometime in February/March.

Meanwhile, little Will is growing more and more each day. He even starting smiling last week! It is, of course, just precious and melts your heart every time he smiles, which he does easily and often. He is a joy to have in our lives and we treasure every moment. He continues to be a very easy-going boy and big sister Ivy has settled in to the new routine of our lives and is doing great too.

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1 Response to Some upsetting news

  1. Rain says:

    Wow. What a surprise for all involved. I hope that everything gets resolved quickly!!

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