Wow! Time flies with a newborn in your life!

It has been so long since I have written. I am so sorry! Anyway,

Our precious son was born on June 19, 2013. We got the call about 10:30 that morning. Our daughter and I were at a friends house for a playdate and Daddy was at work. Luckily, Ivy was able to stay at her friends house so that I could drop everything and rush to the hospital to be there when he was born. I got there just in time too! He came into the world at 1:34pm. I was able to go in and see him about an hour after his birth, a nice surprise given that we were not sure when we would be allowed to go in. John and Ivy arrived later in the afternoon and got to hold him right away. Birthmom did great and was wonderful about letting us give him a bath and a bottle. We all got to share in the joy of his first moments, it was precious!

I stayed overnight, while John and Ivy went home to attend to house business and take care of the dogs. My sweet friend Rachel came to stay with me, bringing movies, lobster rolls, Cheetos and wine (which we hid in Chipotle cups and drank with a straw so the nurses wouldn’t see!). She left about bedtime and I got to keep Will in my room all night. It was wonderful. But, the best surprise of the evening was that I learned that I am able to nurse him! My friend Becca offered me the idea of using a Supplemental Nursing System to do it. (

I was definitely up for the idea, and ended up talking with a lactation consultant at the hospital who set me up with what I needed and showed me how to use it. I have never been happier as a mother than I was the very first time nursing my son at my breast. I know that not everyone has that experience with breastfeeding, but I have had enjoyed nothing but pure bliss doing it and will continue it as long as it works for both of us. I have even started to produce some milk of my own and feel very lucky. I will forever be grateful to Becca for her passion and encouragement. She will never truly know the gift she gave me with that gentle suggestion.

He is a very good, easy going baby. Barely cries, even when he is upset. He has a gentle spirit and is a happy boy. Ivy has been so sweet and gentle with him, she is an excellent big sister and is totally in love with him! John and I have fallen easily back into our routine as parents of a newborn and the adjustment has been pretty hiccup-free.

Our relationship with both birthfamilies is wonderful! Couldn’t ask for anything better. We have seen birthmom & her other two children and the meeting was easy and comfortable. We feel like family. Can’t wait to see them again!

Birthdad is coming over next week to stay the night and go to a golf tournament with John the next morning. We are looking forward to the visit and anticipate having a great time with him as well. His parents (Will’s grand parents) will be in town sometime this month and we are excited to meet them as well.

Hopefully, my blogging with start up again and I can keep you updated on his little milestone and our ever-growing relationships with the birth families.

Birth announcements are ordered and, if you have ever gotten a Christmas card from me in the past, you are on the list and will be getting the announcement very soon! Hold on just a little longer and you will get to his beautiful little face.

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