Counting down the days!

It has been a very busy few weeks! Our daughters last week of school. Last minute appointments to get out of the way before school is out and baby arrives. But… we are finally completely ready for our little man to come home, and it could be any day now. He is officially full term (37 weeks) and birthmom thinks he will be arriving within the next week or so.

Birthmom has been considering letting us witness his birth (HOORAY!!) but has not made up her mind yet. I guess we will find out her decision at the hospital. I would really love to be able to see his first breath, just like we got to do with his sister… but I am not holding mine. Something tells me she just doesn’t want us there. She is a tough cookie and I think she mostly doesn’t want us to be there to see her get emotional. I believe now that it has nothing to do with us personally, but that she needs to stay closed off emotionally from this. If she sees us with him before she is ready, it will be too hard for her to hold up her façade.

Birthdad has decided to be at the hospital, along with his dad. He does not want to witness the birth, but wants to spend a short amount of time alone with the baby at the hospital. I am so glad to finally know his thoughts and even happier to know that he wants to be there to meet the baby. It is such an important day! Even though it will be hard day for all of us, I know that if he had chosen not to be there, he would eventually regret it. He is a good man, very thoughtful and sensitive. I know this will be tough for him too.

I hope that we can make them all understand that, even though they need to say their “goodbyes” to the baby at the hospital before we leave, this is not goodbye! We will be a forever family, linked to this little person and each other for the rest of our lives. And we will all be better people because of this journey.

I will post again after his birth and let you all know how it goes at the hospital.

Wish us luck!

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