Back from vacation!

Well, we are officially returned from Mexico. It didn’t start out, or end very well, but the middle was quite nice. Our daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia three days before the trip, so she felt yucky for about the first day, then perked up and had a great time. We swam a lot, dug in the sand at the beach and swam with the dolphins (great experience, I highly recommend it if you ever have the chance). Then I got sick towards the end, came home and got diagnosed with pneumonia too. Not fun. Anyway, I got some meds and am feeling better, just really exhausted. At least we both got sick before the new baby, right?

So, news on the adoption…

We had our final home study visit on Monday and it went very well. We are in compliance of almost everything we need (just one small adjustment, that is an easy fix). So, from that end we are ready to welcome our new baby home when he decides to be born. We also got some good news that birthmom has found a place to live and is probably moving in this week, it sounds a lot better than her current housing and we are so glad to be able to help her get into a better situation for herself and her children. We also heard that although birthdad is not ready to have much communication with us, he is cooperating fully with the agency and is working on his complicated feelings, but still committed to the adoption. He will most likely be in a better place after the birth and we continue to hope to have a good, ongoing relationship with them both.

Birthmom is working on her birthplan and we should know in a week or so what that will look like. Things like whether or not she wants us at the hospital, in the delivery room or how much time she wants alone with him after the birth. It will be nice to know her intentions and we will feel better being able to make a plan for us as well. We talked a bit about decision-making (circumcision, naming and immunizations… that sort of thing) and she is completely okay with us making those decisions at the hospital. The social worker used these words: “She sees him as your son, so those choices are yours to make”. Can you imagine my huge sigh of relief??? Big smile 🙂

I am feeling so much better about all of it. I really tried to not think about it on the trip, it must have worked. I finally am starting to feel like we really are going to have our son home with us very soon! It feels so good. I have the nursery pretty much done, clothes in his closet, carseats ready to go, bottles cleaned and diapers stacked in the diaper basket. I am ready! We put his name on the nursery door the other day and I cried some happy tears when I saw that.

Well, again… thanks for listening and I hope that next weeks installment will have some news about the hospital plan to share with you all.

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