Much needed vacation…

Tomorrow morning, early, we leave for our trip! I am looking forward to a few days of relaxation with the two people I love most in the world… my sweet husband and our beautiful daughter. Although family vacations are rarely much of a vacation for the Momma, I still think that the time away will do me (and my fragile nerves) a lot of good. and the endless stream of cocktails wont hurt either ūüėČ

As for any adoption news,¬†here is what there is¬†to report. Birth Mom got evicted when the trailer park she was living in was condemned (yikes!). So, we are currently looking for a place for her to stay. It will probably end up being a weekly/monthly motel as her credit will not allow her to get a lease anywhere. Whatever she is able to find, we will pay her living expenses through June/July. Poor thing. She must be so worried and stressed out! She has those two young children to care for PLUS she is pregnant PLUS she is unemployed PLUS she has no place to live PLUS she has to still deal with all of her emotions regarding the adoption. I do not envy her situation. I do, however feel better about her commitment to¬†this choice. I think she is all too aware of her situation and that bringing another child into it would be impossibly hard. I don’t worry (much) about her changing her mind at this point.

As for birth Dad… neither we, nor the agency has heard a single word from¬†him. They tell me he said he would contact us/them when he was ready. They tell me he is still “processing”. They tell me not to worry. They tell me everything will be fine. Yeah. Okay. I will get right on that. I keep telling myself that these things have a way of working themselves out, but it is so hard not to worry! I keep thinking that maybe he is changing his mind. Maybe he isn’t calling because he is busy trying to find a two bedroom apartment he can afford. Buying a carseat, diapers and onsies. Stocking the pantry with formula. And securing daycare. And getting health¬†insurance for the baby. Maybe not. Maybe he isn’t calling because the thought of relinquishing this child is just too hard right now. Thinking/re-thinking his decision over and over again.¬†I don’t know why he has gone silent, but I sure do wish he would give us something to go on… anything would be better than nothing.

Okay, so that is all for now. I will try and not think about this stuff for the next 7 days (wish me luck!)

Thank for listening!

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