Great. So, we were supposed to go to meet the birthparents tomorrow. But, instead we had to reschedule the meeting for next Saturday because the forecast is calling for high winds and up to a foot of snow to fall in our area starting tonight and through the day tomorrow. Normally, I love the snow. Especially when it falls on a weekend. Hot cocoa, snowmen and all that crap. This time? Not so much. I really need to get past this first meeting so I can get a feel for the birth Mom and birth Dad. I am so very nervous right now – I just need to see their faces, talk with them and get the “vibe”.

On a lighter note… we had our first talk with our daughter last night and it went very well. We told her that our family had been chosen by a birth Mom and Birth Dad and that we might be adding a baby brother or sister to our family… her little face just lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July! She was so excited! I loved seeing the energy in her face and answering her questions. Today, we told her friends and teachers about being chosen and hopefully there will be some opportunity to help more folks understand the process as we go through it. She was excited to share the news about meeting the birthparents and I know she will probably talk their ears off when we do finally meet.

So, tonight I am going to pour myself a second glass of wine and try to relax. I have been so worked up over this meeting and the thought of having to wait ANOTHER week is making me crazy. I really just need so badly for this first step to be over. Please let this week go by quickly.

I probably sound like a nut-case, but when I decided to write this blog I told myself that it would only be worth doing if I was authentic and true to myself with every word I write. That is what I am trying to do.

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